Our "colored noodle series" was born in Yamagata through joint development with a long-established noodle factory that has been in existence since the Edo period. The elegant flavors and smooth texture of our noodles are the results of the exceptional quality of ingredients we use. Our unique noodles are made by kneading each ingredient delicately, producing noodles that are pleasing to the eyes and also add colors and smiles to every dining table.

UDON (Thick noodle)

Noodles are made from selected flour using traditional techniques.It is thick and chewy and has a satisfying taste.

WAKAME UDON (Seaweed noodle)

Wakame powder is kneaded into wheat flour, and you can feel the refreshing scent of seaweed. The chewy texture is excellent.

JISOBA (Original soba noodle)

By kneading cuticles into the flavorful buckwheat flour as a secret ingredient, the original taste of buckwheat is brought out.

YAMAIMO SOBA (Japanese yam soba noodle)

The whole buckwheat was carefully ground, and yam was added and kneaded. Soba with a lively flavor and aroma.

CHA SOBA (Green tea soba noodle)

The buckwheat flour and matcha are exquisitely kneaded. Enjoy the aroma of flavorful tea.