KINOKO NO UMAMI DASHI (Mushroom soup stock)

Condensed Mushroom Umami

It is a luxurious soup stock that you can enjoy the original taste of mushrooms.
The material is a blend of phantom mushrooms called Tamogi mushrooms (Golden oyster mushrooms), shiitake mushrooms, and kelp.The taste is adjusted with salt and soy sauce, so you can enjoy the taste of a single dashi pack to create an elegant dish.

Tamogi mushrooms photo

What's Tamogi mushrooms??

"Tamogi mushrooms " is found only in a certain part of Hokkaido where the climate suits the growth.
It is flourished only during the early summer. They are also known as "Phantom Mushrooms" due to its rarity in production. They are also known as "Dashi Mushrooms" has a distinctive flavor that comes along with subtle sweetness.

How to use

Besides using our dashi pack to prepare soup dishes, you can also tear open the pack and
use the content as seasoning for your stir fry dishes such as noodles, vegetables, etc...

Use as a stock

Step1:1 pouch into 450ml of water.
Step2:Boil then leave it for 3-5 minutes.
Step3:Remove the pouch.
Hot pot

Use as a seasoning

Open a pouch, and sprinkle onto the food as a seasoning.
Cream pasta