In search of "excellent elasticity" and "smooth slurping down the throat", Hyoshiro's hand-rolled noodle series was born. This product was created through a joint development with noodle craftsmen, and such texture can only be produced by the hand-rolled method.
We spent a lot of time and effort using different ingredients and techniques, and through trial and error before achieving this result.
Besides the high quality of the ingredients used combining with the skills and experience of our noodle craftsmen, we also need to finely adjust the techniques according to the season and weather so as to ensure the perfect texture and taste of our noodles.

HOSO UDON (Handmade thin noodle)

The noodles are characterized by firmness and smoothness that are unique to hand-rolled noodles and are delicious whether you eat them cold or warm. It is the most popular noodle at the Scotts store.

KIN NO HAKUSEN (Handmade somen)

Somen noodles with a chewy texture and excellent texture.
Boiled noodles have a glossy luster and are handmade noodles that look beautiful.

HYAPPON SEN (Handmade very thin somen)

The noodle’s thread are very much finer compared to our KIN NO HAKUSEN.
We would like to recommend the noodle to be prepared as cold noodles, so that you can taste it’s firm elasticity and smooth texture.