CUT COUPON PROMOTION in Isetan Scotts 16-18 November 2021

16-18 November 2021 Isetan Members’ Exclusive!

Ajino-Hyoshiro store at Isetan Scotts Road will be participating in this coming “Isetan Members’ Exclusive Promotion”

Hyoshiro Cha Soba (Green Tea Buckwheat Noodles) will be featured at ~Buy 4 for the price of 3 ~!

About our Cha Soba:
High quality Japanese Matcha is kneaded into our chewy buckwheat noodles. As such, it takes only 2.5 minutes to cook.
The noodles have a soothing aroma of green tea with smooth slurping texture.

Terms & Conditions:
ⅰ) Promotional offer is exclusive for Isetan Members only.
ii) Limited to Three Sets (12 Packs) per day per member.
iii) Items available while stock last.

*For details on Isetan membership, you may wish to approach Isetan Customer Service on Level 1.

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For enquiries on Hyoshiro Products, you may contact us via our official Facebook or website.

Facebook: Ajino-Hyoshiro Singapore
Website: https://hyoshirosg.com
Instagram: @hyoshirosg

We look forward to welcoming you!