Let’s eat Toshikoshi Soba at the end of the year

In Japan, it is customary to eat soba on the 31st of December. It is called “Toshikoshi soba” a.k.a. “Year-End Buckwheat Noodles” .

This tasty tradition carries great significance and symbolizes the crossing over from one year to the next. Go slurp up a piping hot or cold soba noodles to break with the past and cap off the year!

The custom of eating soba on New Year’s Eve is said to have started in the Edo Period (1603-1868).

There are various theories as to why there is such a custom. The following are some of the theories.
1) It is believed that buckwheat noodles which are stretched long and cut into small pieces to be eaten has auspicious meaning such as “healthy and longevity” especially so for the blessings of family members.
2) Soba is easy to cut, so eating it means to “cut off” any disaster that may happen during the coming year.
Therefore, it is customary to finish eating by the end of the year.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to enjoy Japanese food culture at home?
There is no exact rule or custom on the ingredients to put in the soba. As such, you can add your favorite ingredients such as shrimps, fish cakes, etc….
Our Singapore branch carry three types of soba, (1) Original, (2) Green Tea & (3) Japanese Mountain Yam
We wish 2022 will be a wonderful year for you all.

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