【Product Introduction】HOSO UDON

Among all the different brands of Japan produced noodles available in Isetan Singapore Scotts Road, Ajino-Hyoshiro’s HOSO UDON is the top selling/most popular hand-rolled noodles!

Why it is so popular?

In search of “excellent elasticity” and “smooth slurping down the throat”, Hyoshiro’s hand-rolled HOSO UDON was created through a joint development with noodle craftsmen.

We spent a lot of time and effort using different ingredients and techniques, and we went through many times of trial and error before achieving this result.

We also realise that such high quality noodles can only be produced during winter time, so as to ensure the perfect texture and taste.

In addition, high quality ingredients are used combining with the skills and experience of our noodle craftsmen are required to produce this delicious noodles.

Our HOSO UDON are slightly thinner than regular udon noodles. Many customers love this noodles especially children and the elderly.

We would like to recommend you with confidence if you are searching for delicious silky-smooth thin noodles. Let’s try it!!