【Takoyaki @ Japanese Octopus Balls】- 30 pieces


1. Place HYOSHIRO DASHI in a pot with water and cook for 2~3 minutes, then let it cool off.

2. Cut Octopus legs into small pieces (1cm), finely chop the green onions and Japanese red ginger (Beni Shoga).

3. Take a large container, put the soup (prepared in “1”), low gluten flour (薄力粉), eggs and mix well.

4. Preheat the baking mold with salad oil, then pour in the batter (prepared in “2”) and grill for 1~2 minutes.

5. Use a toothpick/ or a small stick to turn over the mixture when the lower part has been grilled.  Then brush with Takoyaki/teriyaki sauce, top with squeeze mayonnaise, lastly sprinkle with dried bonito fish slices and seaweed powder.


Flour (薄力粉) …100g

2 eggs

Octopus …140g

4 or 5 green onions

Red ginger (Beni Shoga) … 10g

Tenkasu (Tempura bits) … 2 tablespoons

Bonito flakes … As needed

Aonori (seaweed powder) …to taste

Takoyaki sauce … As needed

Salad oil …as needed

Mayonnaise … As needed


Water … 450ml

Let’s make Takoyaki at your home !!