【RECIPE】 “Japanese Miso Soup”

Here is a recipe for miso soup, a staple of Japanese cuisine.
You can make it deliciously and easily by using Hyoshiro’s Dashi.
Try cooking it !

Step1: Cut the fried tofu (Tau Pok) into bite-sized pieces/cubes. Dip it in boiling water to remove part of the oil. You may remove the soaked Tau Pok after a few minutes and drain out the excess water. Slice a few Wakame seaweed into approximately 4 to 5 cm.

Step2: Fill the pot with water and add a sachet of our Dashi into the pot.
Once the water is boiled, add a one or two tablespoon of Miso Paste into the
pot and carry on boiling the water to dissolve the miso.

Step3: Add the Tau Pok and Wakame seaweed into the pot and let it boil for a while.


Tofu・・・150g (1/2 tofu)

Deep-fried tofu・・・20g

Green onions ・・・30g

Wakame seaweed・・・20g

Dashi of your choice・・・1 sachet


Your favorite Miso paste・・・1tbsp

★Recommended Dashi


Enjoy cooking♪